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This is an example page showing all of the different options you can deploy within the page builder. Feel free to edit this page but please preview your changes instead of publishing.

This is the main body of content:
NB: If you aren’t seeing all the options above, click on the “show/hide kitchen sink” button. It’s on the top row (second button from the right) 

Heading 2 – to be used as a sub heading

Heading 3 – to be used as a sub-sub heading

  • These are normal bullet points
  • Here is another – simply add a new one by hitting the “return” key
  • If you hit “return” twice, you will start a new paragraph.
  1. These are numbered bullet points
  2. You can add a line-break by pressing “Shift & Return” together
    like this. Notice that I have typed onto another line without creating a new bullet point.
  3. If you hit “return” twice, you will start a new paragraph.


You can add a link to another page within the website, by typing the text you wish to link (e.g. another page), then highlighting it and clicking the “link” button above and selecting “existing content”. Then search for the page or post to which you wish to link.

Alternatively you can link to an email address by clicking the link button and typing “” in the “URL” field.
(Simply replace my email address with the one you wish to use.)

You can also link to external websites like the BBC website. Again, type the text and highlight it. Then select the “link” button and type the website address into the “URL” field (in this case Then select “open link in a new window/tab”.

You can edit existing links by highlighting the link and clicking on the “link” button to edit, or the “unlink” buttton (next to the link button) to remove the link.