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The student council are a group of elected children that come up with ideas about how we can make the school even better.

Our Aim

At Grazebrook our School Council wants;

  • to improve our school.
  • to listen to ideas from all of the children in Grazebrook.
  • to improve small things to make a big difference so that our school is a fabulous school.

How we do this

  • There are two children who are elected at the beginning of each year by the children in their class. They have to say why everyone must vote for them.
  • We have our meetings in the staffroom.
  • We try to have at least one every half term, sometimes more, sometimes less.
  • While we wait for everyone to come we have refreshments and a chat!

Who’s there? We are!

Hana & Omar, Hope & Abu, Olive & Daniel, Joe, Wanda, Stephen & Dulcie, Ellie, Leo, Anya, Eleanor, Kate, EJ, Daniel, Hamish and Daniel (the other one!) and of course Mr. Smith who leads our School Council.

Some of the issues we have discussed in our meetings are:

  • More water fountains.
  • Bins in the playgrounds being washed so they’re not smelly
  • A bigger Bike Shed with a pump to keep our tyres hard
  • Getting a tap next to the vegetable garden to help water the garden
  • Re-opening and making safe the “World Garden”
  • Locks on the toilet doors
  • A new safety surface in Key Stage 2 like the one in Key Stage 1.
  • Smaller lines in books to not waste paper (really!)
  • Planting more trees and flowers
  • Buying and using more Eco friendly resources and equipment in classrooms
  • A way of getting name labels for our fleeces

When we have come up with ideas we share them with our School Leaders, Parent Council, the teachers and school staff who are passionate about improving our school too (not to say that it’s not brilliant already.)

The School Council use their in class assemblies to talk with their classes about ideas to make improvements. The teachers help the children with the in class assemblies so they can take notes to take back to the next meeting.

Making improvements takes a bit of time. 

Watch this space to find out what we have improved! 

Get involved with your School Council and make a difference.